NBA trade deadline Nets won’t listen to offers for James Harden

NBA trade deadline: Nets won’t listen to offers for James Harden
The NBA teams – in particular, Philadelphia – that think James Harden will be available at the mid-season trade deadline, well, the Brooklyn Nets have a bridge they’d like to sell you.

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The Nets have made it clear that they will not be entertaining any offers for their All-Star guard as per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The 76ers have been in hot pursuit of Harden, hoping to reunite him with Daryl Morey, and have an All-Star of their own they could dangle as trade bait in Ben Simmons. There was even talk that the Sixers would be prepared to hang on to Simmons until the summer to make a deal with the Nets in return for the 2018 NBA MVP.

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