Beta Lisboa and Sai Calder 200 Hour dynamic spiral & yin fascial teacher training

The Dynamic Spiral & Yin Fascial Yoga Teacher Training program has been developed by Beta Lisboa and Sai Calder combining a dedicated life of research, practice and teaching Yang & Yin Yoga, Qigong, 5 elements Daoism, Mindfulness, Myofascia Release Therapy and Trauma release therapies to deliver a unique program which will give you a strong foundation for your ever deepening practice and teaching. This is a unique program which offers their students a new perspective of movement and body mechanics awareness.

This 200 hours program is composed of 4 trainings of 50 hours. Each 50 hours is delivered in 5 full days. In between each 5 day module there will be two days off for recovering and integration.

This training has 160 hours of contact and 40 hours of tutoring non – contact hours for studies and homework.

It is possible to register for individual 50 hours trainings if you would like to complete the program in another country.


For yoga teachers or/and students who are aiming to graduate in the unique program with an accredited school (International Yoga Alliance)
For those who would like to practice a more fluid, balanced and effective yin and yang asana practice
For those who would like to learn a in depth Yin Fascial Yoga program
For those who would like to learn Dynamic Spiral Yoga style
For those who would like to learn how to integrate Dynamic Spiral concepts to their currently yoga practice
Those who want to understand and experience Trauma Release though yoga, Breathwork and Myofascia Release
For those interested in learning about the Myofascia Release technique into Yoga to open, heal and release Myofascial tissues
For those who are looking to study a well balanced program of Yin and Yang qualities of Yoga
For those who are interested on learning the Chakra system development of an emotional, psychological & spiritual viewpoint
For those who would like to learn more in depth 5 Elements Daoist philosophy
For those who would like to learn and experience the combination of Yoga and 5 elements Qigong
For those who want to experience a deeper insight and integration into the whole spectrum of Yoga (spiritual, physical, emotional and mental bodies)
For those who are seeking to gain more confidence in their personal expression towards the art of teaching Yoga
For those who are looking to experience all possible levels of development of the 3 bodies (physical, emotional and casual)
For devoted practitioners who are looking to deepen their meditation practice and carry it through into their teachings
For those who are looking to deepen in Mindfulness


confidence to structure personalized and safe Dynamic Spiral & Yin Fascial Yoga
a 200 hour International Yoga Alliance certificate
confidence in how to manipulate connective tissue and fascial matrix
embodied integration of Daoism, TCM, 5 elements relationships and the meridian system
ability to integrate Myofascial Release Therapy into your Yin Yoga classes
learn Embryonic and Microcosmic breathing
great ability to build up Yang & Yin yoga classes using the Dynamic Spiral & Yin Fascial Yoga
ability to create Dynamic Spiral yoga classes combining with Yang style of Asanas
ability to create Dynamic Spiral classes combining with Yin Fascial Yoga Asanas
teaching from a space of personal expression and inner voice
understand of Fascia anatomy and physiology
an understanding of the foundation of the life’s Spiral theory
a embodiment of the emotional and psychological chakra development
a Mindfulness approach into the yoga classes and their lives
Ability to integrate chakra and meridians into your Yin Yoga classes
More self -confidence and skills for your teachings
A life changing personal development



Dynamic Spiral Yoga combines Traditional Hatha yoga asana with explorative spiral movement patterns inspired by Qigong, Gyrokynesis foundation and continuous movement. This practice strengthens the whole Myofascial and cardio-respiratory systems, optimizing chi (energy) into the whole body. Dynamic Spiral Yoga is a graceful series, with a Yang energetic quality of movement which works directly opening up and hydrating the joints and the fascia, and strengthening and nourishing the muscles as well.

Yin Fascial Yoga is an in depth study of traditional Yin Yoga, in which the main focus is on removing emotional and physical residual tensions stored in the Myofascial tissues. Applying long held postures combined with slow mindful spontaneous movements makes this unique practice an effective Trauma Release strategy. These blend of those powerful techniques of Yin yoga, Myofascial Release, 5 elements Qigong and Mindfulness is an invitation to come back to the felt sense, what’s to be truly in the body!

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