Deepen your Yoga & Meditation practice with Tara

DEEPEN your YOGA & MEDITATION practice and enjoy a MAGICAL HOLIDAY in beautiful GOA!

30 January – 12 February 2019

During this winter retreat, you will enjoy a wonderful holiday, get strong in your yoga and meditation practice and have lots of time to recharge and revitalize your body, mind and spirit.

– Start to feel more flexible from the daily yoga sessions.

– Feel super healthy from the delicious fresh food and juices.

– Discover all the ins and outs of Goa, India!

– Enjoy massages and Ayurvedic cleansing options.

– Go on long walks along white sandy beaches

– Swimm in the warm Arabian sea

– Experience the transformational quality of each chakra.

– Develop the skills to work with the 7 energy gateways for greater healing, vitality and pleasure.

And so much more…
india lakeside
on beach

You will deepen your yoga, meditation and pranayama practice and also relax in the sun, swim in the warm sea and pamper yourself with Ayurvedic massages.

Tara, with her 40+ years of experience in India, will show you the treasures of Goa! Sea and beach of course and also a freshwater lake, local markets and surprising shopping streets and much more!

Each day we ‘tune in’ to the chakra of the day and make excursions in alignment with it! With sunset, we often sing mantras on the beach and some evenings we will go out to enjoy some Indian dance and music performances.

You will be with a fine group of like-minded people in a beautiful place called Jivana which is outside the busy areas of Goa.

Enjoy unspoilt quiet beaches, swaying palm trees, blue sky, warm sea and sunshine.

Yes, this retreat will be a very special (chakra) journey that will enrich your life forever!


During this 2-week yoga retreat, you will be gently initiated into an in-depth practice consisting of yoga postures, meditation and pranayama (yoga breathing). It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced student. Because we are a small group, Tara will have plenty of time to give you personal instructions.

Everyone can delve into the consciousness of her or his body, breathing and being. Even if you have never done yoga before, this is a great opportunity to get used to a non-demanding yoga practice at your own pace.

The morning classes are in a more dynamic Yang Yoga style, while we end the day with more soothing Yin-Yoga exercises. Every day is dedicated to one of the chakras and we go deep into the transformational quality of each of them. In this way, we develop skills to work with these 7 energy gates of healing and develop more vitality and pleasure.

There is a beautiful yoga shala, an oasis designed to transform and restore the soul. The perfect place to relax and come back to your (true) self!

The cottages at the retreat centre are in a quiet location. Each cottage has a lot of privacy, is protected from the sun by coconut palm trees and is surrounded by dense greenery of lush, exotic gardens.

Each cottage features a private porch with seating area and an en-suite bathroom.
The entire retreat location is surrounded by coconut trees, banana plants and cashew trees.

The beach is only a 10-minute drive away by bicycle. You can enjoy beautiful walks on the white sandy beaches and breathtaking sunsets every day …

You will enjoy many delicious fresh raw food as well as Indian dishes.

The Ayurvedic based food is inspired from various regions of India and made into the tastiest of traditional vegetarian dishes.

Our food is regarded as medicine, prepared with much love for your wellbeing.

If you can not eat certain foods or don’t like them then we can always accommodate your needs…


Comfortable rooms, double or single occupancy
Healthy and delicious meals, brunch and dinner
Daily yoga and meditation classes led 2 times a day by Tara
Excursions to different beaches and local markets
Fresh juices & smoothies
Excursion to the sweet water lake, jungle and beautifying mud baths
Mantra singing sessions

The flights and taxis
Massage treatments
Some drinks and food outside of the centre

Visa: You will need a visa to travel to India. Please contact as soon as possible to begin the process.

Air Travel: There are flights straight to Goa or you can fly first to the city Mumbai and then take a domestic flight to the Airport Vasco-da-Gama(DABOLIM), which is the nearest airport to where we hold our retreat. It is about 1 1/2 hour with a taxi. Ground transport can be arranged by us and is about 20€ p.p. We can help you to find a suitable flight, just email us at